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A complete advocacy service to source and secure your dream home or an astute investment property.
Full search service
Sourcing the property
Complete due diligence
Expert negotiation
Buy a property

Full service buyer's agents

Leave the search, analysis and negotiation to us. We'll help level the playing field and give you expert insight to make an informed decision

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The real estate industry is typically one sided, with agents working for the vendor, and buyers usually going it alone. We turn the tables and empower buyers to purchase their ideal property.
Sourced from on and off market options
Full search and property inspections
Bespoke shortlist based on your needs
Expert negotiation to help you win 

Buy an investment

We take the emotion away from the transaction and apply our proven investment prowess to help you secure the right property at the right price on the right terms.
Sourced from on and off market options
Full search based on your goals
Assessment of rental yield
Detailed property analysis

How we work together

A straightforward process to take you from where you are to where you want to be!
Our process

Climb the property ladder

Transparent pricing options so you know exactly where you stand
Helping ambitious people buy the right property on the right terms. Mario Borg's strategic approach to property delivers exceptional outcomes, every time.
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